Review Of The 5 Leading Non-Invasive Laser-Like Lipo
Body Contouring Machines

In this section, the performance of the 5 leading laser-like lipo machines is reviewed.

The Machines Reviewed

Review Results

Rating FactorVevazzLipo LightZeronaI-LipoYolo/MeridianBest Performer
Action On Whole Body
Delivers overall better results
Whole Body Lymphatic Stimulation$3,000 ExtraMust do manual massageMust do manual massageHas only 1 diode per small paddleVevazz – Better Results
Spot Reduction Capability
Flexibility of treatment and better results
YesYesNoYesLimitedVevazz – Best overall performance
Size And Mobility Of Machine
Important for practical use within a practice
Compact and mobileDifficult To MoveNot very mobileNot very mobile and a lot of cords to get tangledToo many cords that can get tangledVevazz – Can move from room to room
Business Development And Marketing Support
Important to maximise return on investment
Complete Business SystemVery Limited Business SupportLimited business supportLimited business supportVery limited business supportVevazz – Comprehensive money making system
Psychological Support For Patients
Essential for lasting results
Mind Changing TechnologyOptional Module At Extra $1,500 CostNothing for mindset changesNothing for mindset changesNothing for mindset changesVevazz – Permanent Results
Important to protect value of investment and avoid excessive costs
2 years1 year1 year1 year1 yearVevazz - Less long term expense
Place Of Manufacture
Build quality and reliability important
Made in USAMade in UKMade in USAMade in UKMade in KoreaVevazz – Best overall quality
Number Of Diodes
Adequate number essential for effective treatment
28 diodes per paddle28 diodes per paddle5 diodes total9 diodes per paddle8 diodes per paddleVevazz – Larger coverage area
Number Of Paddles
Flexibility and adequate number essential for effective treatment
Up to 816None44Vevazz – Faster treatment time
Treatment Time (Minutes)
Fast treatment time means higher revenue potential
71040-602020Vevazz – Less time to treat patients and higher profitability
FDA Approvals
Different types of approvals result in different operating restrictions
FDA registered for assistance in treatment of obesityFDA registered for assistance in treatment of obesityFDA cleared for Body ContouringFDA cleared for Body ContouringFDA cleared for Pain and InflammationVevazz – Technology used means fewer restrictions
Whole Body Vibration Capability
Important for overall results
Whole Body Vibration unit includedMust purchase at $3,000 extra costMust purchase at extra costMust purchase at extra costLesser quality Whole Body VibrationVevazz – Better Results
Technology Level
Newer technology is safer and has other benefits
Newest laser-like technologyLED LightOlder laser technologyOlder laser technologyOlder laser technologyVevazz – Less FDA controls because it is safer
Power Output Per Diode
Needs to be optimized for nest results
40 MW10 MW17 MW40 MW40 MWVevazz - Optimized for results
Wavelength NM
Minimum level required to get good results for different skin types
660625635640658Vevazz – Need 660 NM or more for results with darker coloured skin
Neuropathy Treatment Capability
Flexibility means greater revenue potential
YesNoNoNoYesVevazz – More versatile and can serve wider range of clients
Neuropathy Training Program
Additional revenue opportunity
YesNoNoNoNoVevazz – Additional revenue opportunity
Patient Results Guarantee
Providing patients with a results guarantee boosts confidence and improves sales
YesNoNoNoNoVevazz – Guarantee gives patients confidence and helps sales
Income Guarantee
A credible and generous guarantee removes risk from the investment decision
YesNoNoNoNoVevazz – Risk removed from investment decision

Investment Level Required

A MAJOR factor in any investment decision is, of course, the level of capital investment required. But it isn’t just the up front cost, but the ongoing cost, and how much money you have in your bank at the end of the year. So the “True Cost to Own” reflects all of those. See The section below on “True Cost to Own”